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Max Santillana Senior editor

The following review written by one of the Software Informer contributors applies to version 3.7
REAPER is a digital audio workstation and uniquely focuses in MIDI recording, editing, processing, mixing, and mastering. It is capable of handling multiple tracks in one single editor.
The program can be customized, users can add as many tracks as they wish, there are no limits. The interface has a Free item positioning, this allows arranging the items vertically over a track.

REAPER features Expand automation. It expands into lanes for editing, and then collapses envelopes back into a single track. Automatic recording modes are handled by track or globally.

This version features import and export with hardware MIDI timing calibration. Also individual MIDI track controls can be added to any track or anywhere else. Another important improvement is allowing getting back to any prior state with a mouse click. VST plug-ins are now supported and have perfect integration even when running 32 bit plug-ins in the x64 version of the program.

Great MIDI editor for a low price with extended features and capabilities. Users will be able to use their imagination and create anything.


  • Exclusive Midi audio editor.
  • Doesn’t have track types, busses or offline processing.
  • Free item positioning.
  • VST plug-ins.
  • MIDI timing calibration.
  • Undo history.


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    juanta 5 years ago

    hmm it makes me faster in CS. good app.

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What's new in version 4.7

- Editing: show horizontal guide lines when moving envelope points/segments, and media items in free item positioning mode
- Elastique 3: new version, also re-fixed the multichannel issue on win32
- Envelopes: fixed the option 'Add edge points when moving envelope points'
- Envelopes: fixed various take envelopes/points selection buglets
- Envelopes: improved marquee-selection [issueid=5405]
- Envelopes: restored move/copy envelope points within item bounds instead of start of next item
- Frame rate grid: corrected 29.97DF grid/snap behavior
- Media explorer: peaks drawing fixes/optimizations
- Media items: fixed potential volume/pan/pitch adjustment issues vs item locking
- Multitouch: improved Windows 8.1 multitouch behavior
- Project: allow user defined framerates
- ReaPitch: fixed potential crash when loading presets
- ReaSurround: don't rotate diffusion fields while rotating input sources
- ReaVerb: better handling of impulse response file gain, deprecated old normalize options
- Ripple edit all tracks: re-ripple things after locked items, if some items are selected there too
- Undo: added undo points when selecting envelope points via mouse clicks
- Undo: fixed envelope edition undo which was also changing lane height in certain instances
- Video: fixed leak in bridged-quicktime mode
- Video: fixed leaks when using multiple copies of the same image or GIF
- Video: fixed memory leak with ffmpeg/libav 5.4
- Video: fixed support for decoding various obscure colorspaces with VLC

Publisher's description

REAPER is a digital audio workstation that provides a complete multitrack audio and MIDI recording, editing, processing, mixing and mastering environment. You can create fully automated surround mixes with multichannel track metering and the highly flexible ReaSurround plug-in.