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Max Santillana Senior editor

The following review written by one of the Software Informer contributors applies to version 3.7
REAPER is a digital audio workstation and uniquely focuses in MIDI recording, editing, processing, mixing, and mastering. It is capable of handling multiple tracks in one single editor.
The program can be customized, users can add as many tracks as they wish, there are no limits. The interface has a Free item positioning, this allows arranging the items vertically over a track.

REAPER features Expand automation. It expands into lanes for editing, and then collapses envelopes back into a single track. Automatic recording modes are handled by track or globally.

This version features import and export with hardware MIDI timing calibration. Also individual MIDI track controls can be added to any track or anywhere else. Another important improvement is allowing getting back to any prior state with a mouse click. VST plug-ins are now supported and have perfect integration even when running 32 bit plug-ins in the x64 version of the program.

Great MIDI editor for a low price with extended features and capabilities. Users will be able to use their imagination and create anything.


  • Exclusive Midi audio editor.
  • Doesn’t have track types, busses or offline processing.
  • Free item positioning.
  • VST plug-ins.
  • MIDI timing calibration.
  • Undo history.


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What's new in version 4.7

- Editing: show horizontal guide lines when moving envelope points/segments, and media items in free item positioning mode
- Elastique 3: new version, also re-fixed the multichannel issue on win32
- Envelopes: fixed the option 'Add edge points when moving envelope points'
- Envelopes: fixed various take envelopes/points selection buglets
- Envelopes: improved marquee-selection [issueid=5405]
- Envelopes: restored move/copy envelope points within item bounds instead of start of next item
- Frame rate grid: corrected 29.97DF grid/snap behavior
- Media explorer: peaks drawing fixes/optimizations
- Media items: fixed potential volume/pan/pitch adjustment issues vs item locking
- Multitouch: improved Windows 8.1 multitouch behavior
- Project: allow user defined framerates
- ReaPitch: fixed potential crash when loading presets
- ReaSurround: don't rotate diffusion fields while rotating input sources
- ReaVerb: better handling of impulse response file gain, deprecated old normalize options
- Ripple edit all tracks: re-ripple things after locked items, if some items are selected there too
- Undo: added undo points when selecting envelope points via mouse clicks
- Undo: fixed envelope edition undo which was also changing lane height in certain instances
- Video: fixed leak in bridged-quicktime mode
- Video: fixed leaks when using multiple copies of the same image or GIF
- Video: fixed memory leak with ffmpeg/libav 5.4
- Video: fixed support for decoding various obscure colorspaces with VLC

What's new in version 4.6

- Performance improvements.
- Stability improvements.
- Memory use optimizations.
- Menu items to replace FX while preserving routing.
- Wildcard support for files created during recording
- New section: replacing track FX in Arrange view.
- Replace/Quick replace track FX in Mixer view.
- MIDI Editor filter button now has context menu.
- New Audio preferences option, Reduce CPU use of silent tracks during playback.
- New Audio Buffering preference option Use new alternate worker thread scheduling.

What's new in version 4.5

- FX: fixed keyboard navigation in FX chains on Windows .
- RS5k: fixed peakbuilding when changing samples via combo box
- added many new gfx APIs and functionality (including gfx_dest for offscreen drawing)
- string support for code, improved language syntax .
- IDE: better syntax highlighting with simple error detection, ctrl T for matching parentheses/strings/etc
- IDE: can open/edit multiple files at once (ctrl O on import line, or similar)
- better handling of selection changes when using one MIDI editor per track
- fixed editing individual note velocity bars
- option to let MIDI editor remain open when the active media item is deleted in the arrange view
- reworked editor behavior preferences in options and in editor contents menu
- unhide hidden note rows when the user switches to piano keyboard view
- respect text cursor and selection when inserting wildcards from wildcard menu
- VU meters for master mix and stem tracks (mono, stereo, multichannel)
- VU meters display up to 24 channels for multichannel renders
- optimized output filename collision detection
- more descriptive MIDI device names, which reduces potential order changes of similarly named devices
- scan /Library/Application Support/REAPER/UserPlugins for native REAPER plug-ins (such as SWS)
- option to put peak files in peaks/ subdirectory from media
- option to force alternate peak-path for select media paths (such as sample libraries, etc)
- improvements to media item length sorting
- support for moving/copying media to any destination directory
- MIDI: arrange view note scaling is per-track, rather than per-item
- OSC: added messages to jump to marker or seek to region
- ReaEQ: fixed locking issue on preset load
- ReaMote: improved timeout behavior when remote host stops responding
- ReaMote/ReaStream: improved socket polling behavior (poll() on OSX, allow more than 64 connections on win32)
- ReaSamplomatic5k: fixed potential crash on loading with offline media .
- Save as with copy: move only when in previous media path (added in 4.58) made optional .
- Undo: better undo state descriptions for FX and envelope edits

What's new in version 4.4

Sends: fixed incorrect volume blip when adding sends
Undo: fixed some potential crashes when removing tracks and sends

What's new in version 4.1

Tweak, correct, and mangle audio with pitch envelopes, which can be applied to individual media items.
Create fully automated surround mixes with multichannel track metering and the highly flexible ReaSurround plug-in. Apply rotations, transformations, and diffusions, and even automate the positions of the speakers themselves.
Batch rendering wildcards provide sound designers with unprecedented flexibility when generating sound files in bulk.
Manage project media and FX with the Project Bay, where you can collect, organize, and edit a list of resources that you are using, or might use, for different types of projects.

What's new in version 4.0

- Count-in: follow tempo and time signature at play start position, not prior to it
- Directory cleanup: ignore files that are retained in project bays
- Envelopes: allow editing initial envelope point regardless of editing preferences
- Envelopes: option to add transition point when recording automation while playback is stopped
- Envelopes: clicking on an envelope point no longer seeks playback
- MIDI: fixed stuck notes when looping
- MIDI: renaming one pooled take renames all pooled takes
- MIDI editor: fixed bad behavior when drawing over existing CC events with snap enabled
- MIDI editor: fixed horizontal zoom with mouse cursor center, when using project-synced timebase
- MIDI editor: avoid accidental time selections in ruler
- MIDI editor: support negative swing quantize
- MIDI editor: fixed possible oddness when editing CC with auto-select CC enabled
- Media explorer: added action to close media explorer
- Mouse modifiers: added arrange view middle-click behavior to move edit cursor
- Mouse modifiers: added arrange view middle-drag behavior to move edit cursor without scrub/jog
- Mouse modifiers: support marquee zoom in arrange view middle-drag context
- Mouse modifiers: support draw/edit/ramp CC events when starting the edit over a CC event
- Mouse modifiers: marquee zoom is now by default ctrl+alt+rdrag
- Mouse modifiers: added context for arrange view middle-click
- Mouse modifiers: action to restore previous zoom/scroll position available in various contexts
- Mouse modifiers: improvements to behavior when moving item edge without changing fade time
- Mouse modifiers: better preservation of pre-existing user customizations
- Mouse modifiers: behaviors to move item edge without changing fade-in end or fade-out start time
- Mouse modifiers: new options for middle button, browser scroll, scrub behaviors
- Mouse modifiers: new marquee zoom support
- Mouse modifiers: better behavior when assigning mouse click to actions like "move item to cursor"
- Mouse modifiers: control+right-click creates a time selection by default (as in 3.x)
- Nudge: actions to nudge item contents apply only to the active take (similar to slip editing)
- Slip editing: fix for possible hang
- Scrub: avoid senseless jogs after edit cursor moves
- Project settings: reorganization, more sensible layout hopefully
- Project settings: added track mixing bit depth configuration
- Project bay: use file resolving when loading retained items
- Project bay: show error message when move/copy file fails because the target file already exists
- Project bay: list tracks by name
- Project bay: fixed drag/render-drag of multiple items on OSX
- ReaSurround: continue to increase FX IO count when dragging IO from tracks
- Render queue: fixed display of time-selection renders
- Samplitude EDL: support for offsets/lengths greater than 2 billion samples
- Stem rendering: faster, does not process irrelevant tracks, option in prefs/rendering for old behavior
- Volume displays: fixed display of certain gain values in default theme
- VST: fixed preset selection when there are multiple factory presets with the same name
- Windows Aero: keep always on top pins out of window list when REAPER non-responsive
- Zoom/scroll: now has a stack of recent zoom/scrolls, added actions to restore previous/next
- Zoom: fixed display of item backgrounds with very zoomed in and long project times

Publisher's description

REAPER is a digital audio workstation that provides a complete multitrack audio and MIDI recording, editing, processing, mixing and mastering environment. You can create fully automated surround mixes with multichannel track metering and the highly flexible ReaSurround plug-in.

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    juanta 4 years ago

    hmm it makes me faster in CS. good app.

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